India Pavilion Folkfest Organizing Committee

  • ​Structure and Duties

  • Pavilion Manager

  • Manages the India pavilion during the Folkfest days. Represent ICCA at Saskatoon Folkfest office meetings along with the Chair.

  • Chair

  • Represent ICCA at Saskatoon Folkfest office meetings. Report to ICCA board; manage the overall organization of the pavilion. Attend all sub-committee meetings and responsible for all final decisions. 

  • Finance controller

  • Liaise with ICCA treasurer, budgeting & dispensing funds, maintain accounts. Finance control during folkfest, control cashiers, arranges nightly deposits at the bank during folkfest. 

  • Facility management coordinator

  • Transportation from storage, set up pavilion, manages the venue facilities for the three days, ensure availability of cleaning staff, ensure compliancy of fire regulations, ensure availability of medical assistance, take down and transport back to storage.

  • Pavilion beautification coordinator

  • Form a team; organize pavilion decoration, setting up display area and vendor area according to Pavilion theme for the year. Pavilion entrance decoration, work with facility management coordinator. 

  • Food coordinator

  • Form a team, Manage kitchen and service, procurement of required groceries and raw material, order required supplies. Decide on menu and price. 

  • Entertainment coordinator

  • Form a team, Receive applications from performers, decide on performances, facilitate practices, prepare entertainment plan for the three days and manage.

Other Committees 

  • - Radio Committee

  • - Nomination Committee

  • - Bylaw committee

There is always opportunity for members who are interested in serving on committees in the areas of their interest. Please contact us using our contact form.