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Folkfest 2013 - India Pavilion

Namaste! Welcome to exotic India!

  • Hosts: India Canada Cultural Association, Saskatoon

  • Ambassadors: Balakrishnan Raju & Valarmathi Gurusamy

  • Youth Ambassadors: Meagan Monteiro & Sunjita Kapoor

  • Pavilion Manager: Diego Monterio & Krishna Gali

A symphony in Stone.

Despite its 2000 ethnic groups and almost as many languages, the world of India is connected like no other on earth, for it is steeped from top to bottom in music and dance. And nowhere is this more noticeable than in India’s vast repertoire of architecture.

Sculptures in their own right, Indian temples are alive with figurative sculptures of high technical merit. Since many of these beautiful sculptural elements have been drawn from India’s seven classical dance traditions, Indian architecture is often regarded as a symphony in stone.

The 2nd century B.C. Buddhist rock-cut sanctuaries of Ajanta feature lavishly carved dance sculptures as well as some of world’s oldest fresco paintings of dance as well.

The 5th century A.D. rock-cut sanctuaries of Ellora are no less vigorously embellished and were home to the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist faiths.

The 10th century Hindu and Jain sandstone temples of Khajuraho will astound you with their lively sculptures of beautiful heavenly dancers and form the backdrop for a week-long annual classical dance festival.

The 15th Century Jain temple of Ranakpur treats white marble as lace from which celestial dancers emerge.

While South Indian temples are often the size of small cities festooned with dance sculptures, the fabulous 20th Century Hindu Akshardham temple in Delhi blends historical elements of all of its regions and religions and is dedicated to world peace. It is truly a symphony in stone.

Come share our fabulous food; witness firsthand our colourful age-old music and dance traditions, and steep yourself in the insights provided by our extensive displays on the history of Indian architecture.

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