5-year family membership - $100

Family Membership - $25

Non-member ticket for Bollywood Musical Night - $25

Business membership- $100

Lifetime membership - $1000 donation

Children (Under 10 yrs. age) ticket for Bollywood Musical Night - $5

Student ticket for Bollywood Musical Night - $10

Individual Membership - $15

Member ticket for Bollywood Musical Night on MAR 30th, 2018 - $20

 ICCA reserves the right to not issue more than two member tickets for each member;  Payments toward purchase of more than two member tickets will be refunded up on a deduction of $10 towards administrative charges.

Student Membership - $10

All the following purchases accepts payments only through Paypal account.

* Student, Individual and Family Membership are valid from date of purchase till 31st December, 2018.

* 5-Year family membership is valid till 31st December, 2022.

* Life time family membership is by donation of $1000 or more in one calendar year.