Sports & Recreation

ICCA has arranged a badminton program on Saturdays for all members to enjoy the game and meet other members. It is held in various high school in the city. The program runs throughout the year.

Please contact any board member for up-to-date information on this program.

Radio - Sangeetmala

ICCA sponsors a weekly musical program called “Sangeetmala” on our local community radio station CFCR FM 90.5, every Saturday morning from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. The program features Hindi songs, local community announcements, news from India as well as regional songs. Sangeetmala can also be heard on the web at CFCR

If you have any suggestions or comments for the improvement of Sangeetmala Radio shows, please let us know. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding any Sangeetmala show, please report them within a month from when the show is aired. Complaints or concerns after a month’s time of the show will not be considered. 

Please contact us at to volunteer, submit feedback or request a song...