Saskatoon Super League

Saskatoon Super League

India and cricket are inseparable, they go hand in hand. We have seen Cricket as a game played by one and all in India from their childhood. Over the last few decades Cricket has evolved a lot in terms of playing formats from Test Cricket to T-20 Cricket. India has produced best Cricketers who made a significant impact on the game across the world.

Cricket has become a faith for many of our youngsters and most of them play this game even in Canada. Cricket is not just a game, it is a teambuilding, sportsmanship, and perseverance training. Cricket is an exercise to keep you fit and develop your concentration, dedication towards a goal to succeed.

ICCA is launching SCL- Saskatoon Cricket League to promote and develop Cricket in Saskatoon. ICCA is organizing “T5” Cricket Tournament in Saskatoon. The First season is underway. Build your team and let’s play.

ICCA will invite 8 teams in its first season and the tournament will be played over a full day on September 18. The selection of the team would be “first come first serve” basis.

Event Information

We're sure you would love to be a part of this brand new annual event as a player or as a spectator. And yes, we always looking for volunteers like yourself, so don't wait. send us your name and we play together to make this a grand success.

Event Date

18 Sept 2021

Event Time

08: 00 am - Onwards

Event Location

Pierre Radisson Cricket Ground (North & South)